My aching back!

Sorry I haven't been around much, my body has been KILLING ME lately, especially the lower back! Can't seem to get any relief from it, and very little sleep! The barometric pressure has been low, even though there is no rain, so surely that is a factor. Seems like it never just rains, it's always a severe thunderstorm!

Having a tough time breaking the pain cycle. It's the arthritis, of course! Any ideas or suggestions?

I try a combination of things, hot bath or shower and let hot water run down my back for a while. Pain spray; deep freeze or similar. Voltarol either tablet or gel -

Ice packs or hot wheat bags (in microwave) and if all else fails - Oramorph. I only take this if there is no other way to rid the pain because of other effects it has on my body. Also what has helped me - (because I have to sleep on my back because I can't control my left arm) is to have a bed that the head and foot of it raises up. Because my knees are raised and my head also raised this takes the pressure off my back from laying straight out. Hope something here might help.


Low -dose (4,5mg > ) naltrexone is good for Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have RA in some joints and low-dose naltrexone has helped: no more inflamation.

Your not alone, I took a fall vacuuming a couple of weeks ago, tried to break the fall which was worse, got right back up fine. Next day, forget it ! Pain, pain, pain, lower back, groin and down front of my leg. This sucks! More limping. Was taking Advil and Tylenol pain and muscle, family doctor said to STOP! These will cause other issues and they already were...yes depends on the weather. A good massage therapist and some chiropractic work being done, helps a little.

I have been meaning to ask anyone out there, have you ever heard of Calve implants???? I am so conscious of my calves its really bothering me. I want to wear dresses and shorts ladies! I can cover my feet and the way they look, but always have to wear pants and long dresses for evening.

Hope you feel better SK !

I spent 5 hours in the ER a couple weeks ago with lower back pain. they came up with the conclusion it must be from the CMT. They told me to go home and take some Ibruprofen, valium and soak in a tub. I don't have a tub and even if I did I couldn't get in or out of it. The weather affects me too. When there is a big change in the barametric pressure my balance gets worse and have more pain. It has rained a lot here lately. Yesterday was nice, today rain. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

HM, you are the first person I've talked to who uses LDN (low dose natroxone) for RA! I know a few who take it for fibro, and MS, and they swear by it! I've asked my GP about it, he said it would never touch the pain, so perhaps I'll ask my Rheumatologist next, see what he has to say! I do take narcotics when it is absolutely necessary and I know that the 2 don't mix, that it has to be one or the other. I always keep LDN in the back of my mind as a back up plan, but perhaps I need to reconsider. Thanks!

You're right, PCM, hot baths always help a little, I have prescription anesthetic spray, Ethyl Chloride, and I had my mom really spray me heavily last night, got those hips too, and it helped me to sleep, along with the pain meds! The sleep did me a world of good, I was losing my personality!

This link also mentions fat transfer into the calves, ever heard of that?

Hope you're okay Carm! You're not lucky to have fallen, but lucky you didn't break anything! I feel for you sister!

I've never heard of Oramorph, I take the generic of Opana, but cannot tolerate anything time released, only the regular. The time release has something like strong caffeine that just sets me in fits! I itch so badly I nearly tear my skin off and get hyper jittery!

BG, I'm surprised your Doctor doesn't give you something stronger for pain than Tylenol! I know it's hard to get these days, but have you asked?

Thank you SK! Yes, lucky to not have broken anything! Still painful though, groin area down to my leg and lower back.