My Anniversary

This is my year anniversary. This past year has been, well tough. But I am feeling much much better. I rarely have fatigue, and most days don't notice any symptoms anymore.

Hard to believe last year I was to go on vacation and instead spent fourth of july in the hospital for treatment.

My sister will be spending this 4th in the hospital with this beast (GBS). She came down with this at the end of May. It is great to read your post and know that maybe next 4th we will be enjoying hotdogs and family, not listening to a vent in ICU.

Hi Sister, I hope that she has a quick recovery. The hospital can get boring, especially when you can't move or even change the channel.

The best thing was when my wife showed up with a summer BBQ dinner from a restaurant that was quite a distance away. Try to make the holiday special in some way. It definitely brightened my day.

Even though it's rare, there are a lot of people here that know what it's like. It does get better.

Thank you! My sister is unable to swallow and has a trach now. I have bought tons of glows sticks and r/w/b themed things to decorate. Hoping to make her smile a little more. Believe it or not a month in and she is still in decent spirits. Thank you for your support!!

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I'm a little over a year myself. I keep getting better, but it's slow. I'm still not as strong as I was before "the incident," but I keep at it. Good luck!

@Sister, that's great that you are doing things to keep your sister's spirits up. Just lying there can get to be a downer! Not all of us had to have a trache tube, but I did, and it was a drag. I didn't have a solid meal (or anything to drink) for two months. Everyone's case is different, so tell her to be patient, and to keep plugging along! It gets better!

Thank you Lance, they down sized her tracheotomy today! I heard her voice for the first time in over a month. Beautiful,unfortunately she has had some bad breathing spells today and anxiety. I just wish I could make her feel better. I personally am exhausted, overwhelmed, and full of anxiety from staying at the ICU for a month with her and now rehab. I cannot even imagine how awful this is for the actual patient with GBS! Thankfully we are both teachers and I can spend the summer with her, I just wish I could do anything more than be supportive. We are very close so this is the absolute worst horror to see her have to handle. I am so glad you are okay now.