My CMT friends have been a little quiet, how is everyone?

I have a house full of grand kids again! This time they are helping Pap clean out the boat house, shed, garage for a yard sale! I'm just trying to stay on my feet!

How about you, what have you been up to?

I go to the farmer’s Market every chance I get. Trying to eat healthier.

I love those, wish we had one closer! Some of the baked goods are just delightful, especially the raspberry or blackberry pies! We have a weekend outdoor flea market about 30 minutes away that has a very nice produce market that I enjoy. Of course they always have all kinds of wonderful things for sale. My mother and I have enough dishes to open a huge banquet hall!

When I was small my grandmother lived in Downingtown PA, and they took us to a HUGE farmers market near there, you could walk around in there all day and never see everything. That's where I found my dog. They must have had hundreds for sale that I walked by all day, never entered my mind that I wanted one, until I saw her. I begged and begged, and my Pappy finally said "get the kid the dog, if you don't get the kid the dog, I will." And he did! I had her for 19 years, was the smartest animal I have ever been around! We were tight!