My daughter suffered Guillian Barr at age 3 and recovered.At age 12 a vaccine leaves her with central nerve damage

I have joined this group seeking help for my daughter. My daughter suffered Guillain Barre when she was just 3 years old and made a full recovery.However she struggled to swallow food and suffered anxiety. At age 6 she was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. She received help for anxiety around eating and swallowing which did seem to help and she got better with swallowing. She grew up and anxiety went away. When she started secondary school she was very happy and loved school. She had lots of friends and was doing very well in school. However it all changed when she was 12 years old. She was given the HPV vaccine in school and that evening she was in a lot of pain with her abdominal area. Our GP assumed a water infection and gave her antibiotics but the pain never went away completely. A month later she was given a second shot of HPV vaccine at school and again that evening she was crying in pain. But with every day she got worse with more symptoms. Fainting,dizzy,wetting herself,twitching in her arms,legs and face. Frequent numbness in her arms and legs. muscle weakness and fatigue. Highly Sensitive to lights and noise.Frequently her heart will rapidly race for no reason. We have been sent from hospital to hospital over the years and got no diagnoses. She turns 16 soon and is getting treated for anxiety and overactive bladder. We personally feel our daughter is suffering Dysautonomia but our doctors are dismissing the idea. Guillian Barre is a serious condition of the peripheral nervous system and Dysautonmia is a malfunction of the nervous system. I believe my daughters nervous system was damaged first by guillian Barre syndrome and again when she received the HPV vaccine years later. Has anyone else experienced this ? or can advise me where to go for help. I am desperate to help my daughter get her life back and we are getting no where with the NHS.