My road to recovery with HSCT ( Stem Cell Transplant)

Hi everyone… I am a terrible blogger but will try to blog this every day. Back in the beginning if May I came to Chicago & did my mobilization… This consists of 1 day in the hospital for a chemo treatment called Cytoxin. Other than having to take the water pills that made me get up to pee EVERY HOUR… I had no issues. Then I went back to the hotel & hung out for 3 days. Then I started my Neupogen shots (I had to give them to myself in my belly.) Not bad at all. This is done for 6 days. I did get head & lower back pain on day 5 of that. Mostly annoying. Once I was done with the shots the pharesed out my stem cells. I need 2 million for transfusion. They collected 8 million! Then I went home for 3 weeks. I am now back in Chicago. Got here yesterday. Was scheduled for a pic line to be put in… If wax great! Didn’t even feel it :slight_smile: 8am this morning I was admitted to the hospital to finish my treatments. Today is called -6… Today I am getting Rituxan (chemo) I had a lil reaction. Just felt like I wax getting a cold so they gave me more Benadryl & slowed the speed down. I am fine now. Anyone interested in what I am doing can google Dr Burt’s autoimmune disorders & HSCT. I going to get rid of this disease once in for all! Thanks everyone! Ttyl