Need a neuro referral

My daughter has CIDP and her care was under a wonderful neurologist in Maui, Hawaii. She has recently moved to Asheville, North Carolina and needs to find a new neurologist. Her previous neuro has friends in the same specialty but they’re located in South Carolina and Minnesota. She is about an hour away from the Tennessee border so would even consider someone in Tennessee. Anyone know of a neuro in those parts? Thanks for any help

Katie2, Duke University Hospital is a pretty long hike from Asheville, but would be the ideal for that area. Duke is a teaching hospital with considerable research opportunities so likely to be up to date on latest treatments. Best of luck to your daughter.

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Mahalo nui loa, jacobs! Duke would be a 3 1/2 drive for her but it would be well worth it. And I’m sure she could catch a plane to Durham. Living on Maui she would have to catch a 30 minute flight to Honolulu for any major procedures or hospital stays. Again thank you very much. You’ve given an ever-worrying mother some much needed relief!!!

If nothing else, she could see someone at Duke and ask for a referral to a neurologist closer to home. I have a friend who sees an oncologist at Duke and he coordinates and directs her day to day care with an oncologist closer to her home in GA. She should be able to work out a similar situation with a neurologist at Duke. You and your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi, I live in Winston Salem and Wake Forest Medical Center is here, part of the medical school. They have a wonderful neuro guy named Michael Cartwright that specializes in CIDP and other disorders of like kind. He oversaw all my treatments and is why I am in remission going on 7 years. He is brilliant and I highly recommend him.

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I can’t thank the both (uncomfortably_numb & jacobs) for all your help! I am forwarding this info on to my daughter. I am much relieved to hear that Dr. Cartwright is familiar with CIDP and my daughter’s former neurologist is more than willing to share information about her case to her next physician.
Off topic but I remember that Brian Piccolo attended Wake Forest University and he went on to break down many racial barriers in the NFL while playing with Gayle Sayers for the Chicago Bears. They were the first teammates of different races to bunk with one another during camps and away games. Silly the things I remember, yea?
Mahalo again.

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One of the best CIDP specialist in the country is it Vanderbilt. Dr. Donofrio is head of the neurology department at Vanderbilt and a CIDP specialist. I personally drove from Charlotte North Carolina to see him.

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If I did not clarify, Vanderbilt Medical Center is in Nashville Tennessee. It is a Centers of Excellence for CIDP. Dr. Donofrio is one of the best CIDP specialist in the country. he is the head of Neurology at Vanderbilt and previously was head of Neurology at Wake Forest. It would be about a four-hour drive from Asheville depending on exactly where she lives. -sorry about the second reply. I noticed after the first one I didn’t give enough detail.

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I also have CIDP and since my diagnosis, I have been going to Mission Outpatient Neurology, Dr. Michele Harvey is my neurologist and she has been wonderful. She takes time to talk with you and answers questions.

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Wow! I’m very touched by the responses I’ve received. No where else can you find a group like this. Mahalo nui loa to everyone!

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Katie, this is, indeed, a very special community. And it keeps its momentum when members reach out and offer words of support.

Please pay it forward by reaching out to others: as you have seen, even the smallest gesture of understanding means so much!


Seenie from ModSupport

I have reached out to others on this board.

And it’s people like you, Katie, that make this community the supportive place that it is. Mahalo.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday.


I’m would like to ask a dumd question. But did y’all ask your daughter’s neurologist for a name of a good neurologist in NC? They usually have a great network from attending, schools or seminars. Just wondering as you didn’t mention that.