Need help finding a doctor for the media

Hello Everyone:

My friend, H, is the one with Guillain Barre/Miller Fisher -- she was basically completely paralyzed since September, two weeks after giving birth to her beautiful son. She's been in a rehab facility for the past seven months. About two months ago, she regained use of her eyes, voice and slowly everything from her neck up -- but still remains paralyzed from the neck down. She has never held her baby, even though her husband and son visit every day for hours each day.

Two weeks ago, with absolutely no warning she received a form letter from her insurer, Tufts Health, cutting off her insurance the very next day. Her only option, they said, was to be transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility where she would not get adequate daily physical therapy. In fact, she had hoped to be transferred to a more aggressive rehab facility this coming week where everyone (including H) feel that she would make faster progress with more aggressive p.t., not less aggressive p.t.

Luckily, she has another insurer who will cover her care for the next two months.

A local, very influential daily newspaper has shown interest in writing this "David vs. Goliath" story since H probably represents countless patients who are mistreated by their insurance carrier. H is eager to go on the record. But we need a doctor who's knowledgeable about GBS/MFS, who is willing to go on the record, and who is willing to speak with H -- and then the reporter doing the story and even other media who may follow. The reporter wants to better understand GBS -- and what this move by H's insurance company means to her recovery.

Best would be doctors in the Boston area -- but for