Need help

hi everyone i am new here and new to being ill! i recieved a tetanus shot aug 24th and 1 week later began to feel burning,pain,numbness in feet,hands and legs! it has been 5 weeks and i still have all symptoms but the most upsetting part is that i havent lost reflexes and i do have strength so it is hard to get a diagnosis! i am seeing a neurologist and he just doesnt believe it is from the vaccine,i just want to get better and i dont care what caused it,blood work showed nothing,next is mri of head and trying to get one of spine! any ideas on how to get a diagnosis,i did tell him about cidp and he said i am to good a shape for that,to wich i replied this might be the start!!!!!!!!1 who knows,how long could you go untreated?will this go on its own?is anyone in remission?will my dr ever get the diagnosis?could this be anything else? any good drs in pa?thank you again