Nerve Sensitivity

Does anyone has nerve sensitivity below their knees in their calves? I am about 5 months out recovering from mild Guillain Barre. One of my lingering problems seems to be a strange sensitivity just below my knee cap that now extends into the front of my calf. Some days it is more noticeable than others. The more I try to do like run the more I notice the problem. It doesn't appear to affect the strength or function of my legs so I have not been too concerned. It's a small problem compared to how I was suffering but I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about this.

By sensitivity do you mean a tight burning feeling? I have that on one side of one knee, it comes and goes and is quite intense when it strikes, sounds similar to what you are experiencing in your legs.

Below the knee, my calls and feet feel like I’m wearing tight socks or boots or something down to my ankles then I have the electrical feeling in my feet which is quite bearable during the day but becomes really a pain at night for a couple of hours.

After 9 months, this sensitivity is gone. I just thought I would follow up if anyone else was having this problem. I thought that it was probably permanent damage but with time I guess it has healed. I'm still recovering but this is one small issue that has resolved. Hope other issues follow this same recovery path!

My right leg often feels like there is an elastic wrap from a couple inches above the knee to around my ankle. This seems to be just a tactile, surface sensation. The area is still sensitive to touch. After walking for maybe 10 minutes at most, the same area begins to get the gone-to-sleep feeling exactly like that when you sit wrong, but instead of going away as I walk, it gets worse. My left leg doesn't do that. Instead of sleeping, my left hamstring begins to feel like it's been bruised and hurt like the devil as I walk. Those are both nuisances, but I am grateful I CAN still walk.

Good for you to appreciate the gift of being able to walk. Hope things continue to get better for you. I still have that two years after and my Dr labels it peripheral neuralgia - lots of info available on that too. Good luck