Neurologist's guide to you

Everyone of us with CIDP is probably referenced here.



CIDP can't be cured by herbal teas, acupuncture, voo-doo or mumbo-jumbo. CIDP is an immense out-of-control cascade of reactive chemistry that won't turn off.

> is greater than

< is less than

F wave, the F stands for foot. Some things are simple to understand if you dig.

This is an easy page to understand. I hope it help those who want to dig in. Because I have studied much of this information, I can better communicate with my neurologist. Consequently, many times I receive better treatment options. Next month I will fly to Oahu to see a neuro-opthamologist - my cost $15.

Besides the variants listed, I think there are many more unknown variants; we are all different in genetic, cellular and humeral make-up and complexity.