Neurology referral for Atlanta

Can anybody help and point me to a doctor here in Atlanta that specializes in CIDP treatment…I can’t seem to find anyone that can help me and the pain is relentless and I am so unhappy that I cry everyday.

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I don’t think u need a new Dr. u just need your Dr. to do what u ask.
I was in the worst pain I’ve ever been in, before I got info from various people to “CHANGE MEDICATIONS AROUND” it’s the best advice.
Everyone is different, I changed to Imuran, it’s been life altering. Please find the drug that helps you. I’m almost pain free.

I do not know your name, but this is what you need to do. Get onto the internet. On google, the following search criteria: neuromuscular neurologist Atlanta, Georgia. You will then find a list of doctors or medical groups treating CIDP, a neuromuscular illness. Research the ratings for all doctors to see the best, then call a few offices to see whom you can get in to see soonest. Note, these specialists often require your former office to fax over your medical records just to get an appointment. In the meantime, get your medical records for yourself so you can have them for future searches for doctors treating your CIDP. Be prepared to make copies of your records. Be prepared to travel up to 1 hour or so to see a good neuromuscular neurologist. Hope that helps. It takes work on your end to figure this put. Best, Anne

Hi Kim…my name is Martin. I have looked and cannot find a CIDP specialist. I am so sad…I just feel hopeless. The meds I take make me tired so it is a challenge to participate in normal life.

I have a suggestion for you. Dr. Neil Lava is at Emory in Atlanta. He is an MS specialist, but sees other neurological diseases. He used to be in Albany, NY and was my sister’s doctor. She loved him so much that when I was having difficulty finding someone that would take my insurance here in Nashville, TN, I drove almost 5 hours to see him. He is the nicest man and is extremely caring. You could try him or I would also trust his opinion on who to see in Atlanta. I have found wonderful doctors at Vanderbilt now, but I would go see Dr. Lava again any time. I hope you find someone that will help you! Keep trying. Don’t give up!

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I am a patient at the Atlanta V.A. I love my neurology team. They have been treating me with IVIG since 2008. Sometimes with steroids. I feel blessed to be doing so well. I’m not sure if George Wilmot has a practice outside. He is also a Emory Dr. I wish you well in finding the Dr. that is right for you.

Hi Polly! Was wondering if you would tell me the name of your neurologist at Vanderbilt. My daughter now living in Johnson City, TN has an appointment to see a doctor at Vanderbilt next month. Her neurologist in Asheville, NC is sorely uneducated in the care of CIDP. Your post gives me much hope that she’ll get the right treatment at Vanderbilt.

There is a Dr Krishna Goli in Newman Ga
My husband saw her for his CIDP
She was on top of things

Hi! My doctor is Peter Donofrio. He is the one that is in charge of the CIDP Center of Excellence at Vanderbilt. It took me months to get to see him. Recently I heard that he was retiring and a female doctor was taking over for him. I am sorry that I cannot remember her name right now, but I will try to get it for you. I have only heard the best things about her. Truly. If Dr. Donofrio really does retire, I would feel very comfortable going to her. I will try to get her name for you. I am so happy with Vanderbilt for my CIDP. There is a pharmacy dedicated to CIDP and they manage my prescriptions. Everyone is very pleasant. I hope she has a good experience there. Don’t give up! Get the doctor that is right for her.

Thank you so much, Polly! I have forwarded this info to my daughter. Finally some hope!

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Hi Polly! Just wanted to let you know that my daughter saw Dr. Christopher David Lee at Vanderbilt University. She is thrilled with him. He listened intently, was very personable and agrees with her diagnosis from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester that she has CIDP. He has even pre-ordered a standing Retuxin infusion for her should she relapse before her next appointment with him. Dr. Lee also drew blood so that he could do some genetic testing. Kea’s aunt and great-aunt both have had GBS in the past. This is such a relief for me, not to have to worry so about her being in capable hands. Thank you, again. Hope all is well with you.

I am so happy to hear that! Thank you for letting me know.

Where do you reside? Emory has a very active Neurology practice. If you are more outside the city limits, like me I could suggest several practices on North Fulton and Forsyth Counties.

I would like to know of a good neurologist anywhere in GA… I have seen several and just not making any progress.