New attitude

I am new to this whole world. I was diagnosed on July 26, 2014. in my earlier life I battled leukemia at the ages of ten, sixteen and nineteen. I survived knowing my life had a purpose. it would be very easy for me to sit back and feel sorry for myself about this new diagnosis. I have accepted the challenge and will find out what my purpose for this is. granted, compared to some of your stories I got a mild case. legs have recovered, never fallen. most severely effected were my arms. my left arm doesn't really work at this time. I believe in the power of positive thinking, and each day although a struggle is a blessing. I wake up and know I have one more shot at it. I get to look into the eyes of my partner and those that love me. I call many my angels, these are the people who have been able to help me in any way, no matter how small. my neighbor who just makes sure my trash can is out and returned, my friend who comes over to help me in and out of the pool. I guess what I am sharing with everyone is to look for the blessings of each day!

Dvmwoof, you are an inspiration! I try to see the positives each day now too. It was so hard for awhile. I felt like I was so busy fighting this whole thing and I didn't know how bad it would get. Luckily, my case was mild too - was never paralyzed or on a ventilator but it was still pretty hard. Well, I am recovering now with the help of some great PT. It all started for me about the middle of June 2014. I didn't have many angels in the beginning but have found some great ones along the way. I really don't know where I go from here or what the plan for my life is now. I've just been so focused on the now and not the future. I was passionate about running and dreamed of becoming a Boston Qualifier-not sure about any of that now. I am trying to run again and am dying to enter a race no matter how small even if I have to walk, just can't make it that far yet. I really am glad to have another chance at life!

you rock it tarhealing! you WILL do those marathons, and I bet there will be lots of support around you. The only way GB wins is if we let it.