New here-Getting DX after 12yrs-Need Info. PLZ

Anyone else go with progressive symptoms and not get dx for around 10-12yrs and then get dx and start treatment? What have been your experience with getting relief by the IV treatment or the plasma exchange? How long has your good days lasted in between treatment? Do you know if it will atleast stop your symptoms from continuing to progress?

Also, I have worked for 34yrs, since I was 14. This last year I am no longer able to work (since last June) due to my health with this progressing. I am in the process of filing for social security disability, ssi and even in the process of going back and filing a claim for military disability for continuous issues of asthma and headaches since I was active duty 29yrs ago. My inquiry is if you were approved for ssdi under cidp, what adult listings and test got you approved (and was it approved quickly with all the correct information given). I’m kinda stuck for a moment on the first sections of the ssdi application and not sure of who to ask to make sure I provide everything that I have available to give or atleast give doctor information. I’m doing my due diligence on researching, just thought if someone had already gone through similiar dx’s time period etc. I would get info. to furthure me more quickly through some of this.

Thanks again

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CG (moderator)

I was finally DX in 2010 after years of problems. I started IVIG right away (every four weeks) along with predisone and wasn’t doing too bad up until now. The last few days have been hell; I can’t sleep, have trouble eating, my body aches from my head to my toes. All I know is that somethings not right but haven’t a clue whats gone wrong.