New here

Just wanted to reach out and say hello

Welcome and Hello to you as well Lyric1217! Feel free to ask questions. Tell about yourself and enjoy friendships and support along the way.


HI. l just went to mu first CMTA Branch meeting. Was great!!!


Hi Lyric. Does the name mean you take Lyrica? lol

Hi Lyric!

I am new here too. I really am glad to have found this group. I went 15 years being told this was in my head , I finally got a diagnosis five years ago by amniocentesis. I was glad to finally know, I also found my (then unborn) daughter has the gene too,and there was no treatment. I have went downhill the past couple years and need to talk to others that understand living with this disease and all the ways it effects a family. Hope you are doing well.

Hi Lyric! Welcome!