New strategies for restoring myelin on damaged nerve cells

Looks interesting/promising. Thoughts?

That’s really interesting, Mark! If this line of thought proves productive, think of all the diseases and conditions which could be helped by it!

Thanks for posting.

Seenie from ModSupport

Hi Mark, thanks for the link. I had an appointment with my neurologist today and brought this up with him. He said, in my case, my nerves have already been destroyed so there is nothing to remyelinate. It may be helpful for others though.

Hi Rev Mark, have you researched the supplements Alpha Lipoic Acid, and L-Carnitine? I’m no doctor, but it’s helping me.

I just read your response and was wondering what the L-Carnitine does?
Darryl from Oz

Hi Darryl, I have read, and now experienced, that L-Carnitine helps with pain control, and helps nerve regeneration. The couple of times I’ve stopped taking it I could really tell a difference. Hope this helps.

Thankyou for your reply and info.
Cheers Darryl
Brothers in CIDP

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