New to this group...has anyone experienced symptoms like bugs crawling under your skin?

Diagnosed GBS July 2015…received IVIG treatments while hospitalized. After 14 days in Hospital/ICU…entered an acute rehab hospital. Stayed there for one month…then outpatient rehab for 6 weeks. QUESTION…Lately I have been experiencing feelings like there are bugs crawling under my skin. I was on Gabipentin 300 ml 3 times per dat…switched me to Horizant…a time released form of Gabipentin 600 ml one time per day. Has anyone else experienced this symptom recovering from GBS? Thanks!

I have… I think that it is a pretty common thing, after all your nerve endings are damaged and the synapses process gets “confused”. I’m 20 years out and I still get bugs crawling under the skin, pins and needles, and ghost pains…after a while you get used to it

I did experience this crawling feeling at times. I think it must have had to do with the nerve sensations. I don't know if it was nerve damage or nerve regeneration. I was told that it was good to feel things because it means that you can still feel. Eventually, it went away mostly along with most of my other symptoms. It used to really drive me crazy though and even keep me up at night or wake me up sometimes. Hopefully yours will get less and less as you recover too. A year later and I still get some of those feelings too but nowhere near as defined and I'm used to it too. Good luck!