Now you know what SK looks like!

My name is Susan, but I anticipated there would already be plenty of Susan's, Suzie's, Suzannes's so I went with intitials! Easy to write, easy to remember.

I am not terribly computer or techno savvy, so I called in the hubs to help me put up a photo, at dancer mom's suggestion.

Having a photo or an icon that sets you apart from the crowd is a way to be easily recognized and remembered, and helps to grow the group!

It can be a flower, a super hero or even better, a picture of you! May I encourage you to add one to your profile, it's easier thatn you think!

Thanks a thousand,

Susan aka SK

Ta dah! Nice to see you, SK. :)

Thank you, this was taken mother's day!

Ditto, nice to see a face to a name (or initials) x

Thanks PCM, your turn!

I don't know how to.

Go to 'your page', to your profile, click 'edit', click the 'chose file', then you just click on the place on your computer where your pictures are kept and chose a pic, when you have the one you want hit 'save' at bottom.

Got as far as click edit but couldn't see 'chose file'

The specific edit you want is in the blue box that says profile information, the chose file is under the add/edit photo.

what a cutie-putootie! Nice to see your face :).....

Thanks, now, like I told PCM, your turn!

I finally put a picture up of me and Braylin :)

Alright! Now we have 2 more profile pics in place! Thank you ladies!

Ah, Bralin is a doll! Pretty like her gramma!