Occupational Therapy Student Wishes to Interview a Patient?

Would anyone like to particpate in an interview with a student from San Jose St? If so, leave a comment and I'll give you her email address.


I am an occupational therapy student at San Jose State University and have a group assignment on Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). In addition to presenting, we must find someone with GBS to interview. Below are some questions we are interested and hoping to learn more about:

1. How has GBS affected you personally and emotionally?
2. What limitations do you experience in your daily activities (such as self-care, mobility, community involvement, social participation, etc.)?
3. Are there any activities that you have difficulty with that you did not before?
4. What area of your life has GBS had the biggest impact on?
5. How do you find support on a daily basis?
6. How do you cope/deal with GBS?
7. How much assistance or help do you receive?
8. Do you use any adaptive devices?
9. When did you experience onset of GBS? If there was recovery, how long did it take?
10. What intervention/therapy have/did you receive? Specifically, did you receive any services from occupational therapy? If so, what interventions/therapy?

Unfortunately, the person we intended to interview in person has not returned our calls. My group and I appreciate any and all help in this assignment and in helping us develop a deeper understanding of GBS. If you prefer to not answer all the question I completely understand. Everything will remain confidential. If you'd like to message me privately please let me know! Thank you!