On chest pain

Hi all,

This is very hard to write and I hope everybody is ok.

I have been getting chest pains along with my usual hip and leg pain. The chest pain feels as if I were to have a heart attack as it radiates to my arm and sometimes my jaw.

My doctor told me that next time it happens I should go straight to hospital because it could be that my body is attacking my heart.

We have agreed I will not be taking any pain management meds in case I get more chest pain so that I can go straight to hospital and receive treatment. My hip hurts today but it is manageable. It´s the fatigue and the thoughts that are very hard to handle.

I am very scared and having a very hard time looking at the bright side of life. Just needed to share this with people who might understand.

Good morning @BelenL :slight_smile: I hope someone can hop in here and talk about their experience, I’ve found this discussion using “Search” about chest pain:

Maybe there is some useful information here?


Absoultley chest pain is related to GBS. In fact 1 in four in acute attack have pretty severe weakening of the chest nuscle (feels like a heart attack. But what is really going on is the the inflammation affects the nerves of the chest and diaphragm. These can lead to breathing difficulties. Make SURE the ER doc knows your history. In the case of CIDP, there are several anti inflammatories that specifically help with this pain and symptoms. I have seen both Colchicine and Indomethacin used to treat it.


Hi all,

Thank you for your messages and for directing me to that thread. I’ve been trying to sleep more which seems to be helping.

I have had chest “thugs” but not chest pain for a week now. I’m taking it easy and working from home a lot which I discussed with my boss. They are being very supportive.

I got a referral to see a neurologist in a few weeks and am in the process of translating my medical history to english. The vicepresident of the spanish association of neurology helped with my CIDP diagnosis along with my neurologist in argentina… so I definitely know I’m on the right track.

Thank you for the meds recommendation. I will discuss them with my neurologist here. I am still in a lot of pain but I’ve lived with that for years now. Not this fatigue though! And the dark circles under my eyes are awful… hopefully things will get better.

Thank you all!

Hey Belen, wouldn’t it be great it everyone had supportive boss’s like you? It sure does sound like you are on the right track, keep us posted with your progress. We don’t often have members from South America, so it would be good for those in the future to learn from you!

When do you see the neurologist next? Will you be starting treatment soon?