Opinions, advice, support anything for my baby girl

I need help, advice, opinions, whatever can be offered to me at this time. You see, I watched my sister in law 11 years ago suffer with GBS and ended up passing away from the complications of it.
Now, fast forward to this year. I took my 11 year old daughter to the doctor Nov. 2 for what I thought was strep throat. Well She ended up having strep throat, and also the flu. They gave her antibiotics for the strep and tamiflu for the flu. Had to go back 2 days later to change her antibiotics due to her suffering severe stomach pain. We did get over the flu and strep, but then her school nurse called me nov. 16th saying she was having pain in her hip and leg making it difficult to walk. So I went and picked her up and by the end of the day she was feeling better. She complained of it hurting her off and on but I just assumed it was growing pains, or maybe a pulled muscle. So I kept my eye on her. Thru thanksgiving break she started saying both her legs were hurting with numbness so I took her back to the clinic first thing that Monday. They did a CBC on her cause the dr said it might be a reaction to the tamiflu called reactive arthritis or cancer. She called me back saying the bloodwork was normal so she thought it might be the reactive arthritis, and to wait 2 weeks to see if she still had pain. Well, I wasn't comfortable with that diagnosis so I took her to a pedi and explained to them what has been going on. He felt her legs and did some pulling pushing tests and said that he wanted to get some more blook work and urine tests done to see if it was myositis or GBS. Now you can imagine the fear I had when he said GBS because I've watched first hand what my sister in law went thru and don't want to see my baby go thru the same thing. He called me back this last Friday saying that he got some of the blood work back still waiting on another test, along with the urine but he said it's not looking like the myositis that he was leaning more towards the GBS. He asked me if I wanted to set up a spinal tap or talk to a neurologist first and I opted to talk to a neurologist first. I don't want her to have the spinal tap unless it's the very last thing. Now she is in good spirits, still eating, she is walking even though it hurts her, she has said her pain is a 7 for the last almost week. The numbness comes and goes, and last night she said her knee felt weird like it was really cold and felt like blood was coming out even though there wasn't. We have her sleeping in our bed right now for fear that she will start having trouble breathing and we wont be aware of it if she's in her bed. I'm praying it's not GBS oh so hard am I praying but if it is we will get past this, we have so many people praying. Does this sound like GBS? I know what to watch for but any other advice? the treatments? the testing for? Please if you can help me I would really appreciate it, I want to help my baby I just don't know how to right now. I am trying not to be scared, it's just hard. Thank you in advance.

and just learned she has an appt. with a neurologist today at 1:30.. praying for good news.