Overlap Syndrome

Hello everybody. Thank you for accepting me. One month ago, my 6 year old son was diagnosed with Guillain Barre, although accompanied by two other variations, Miller Fisher and Bickerstaff as well. Later, i found out that this is called overlap syndrome or so it seems. He is in the middle of his recovery process at the moment. Apparently he has a large number of antibodies that could cause this disease. I do not know the exact type at this moment, although I was interested on knowing if there is a way to prevent that it happens again. It is so painful to see a little boy go through this. They just don’t understand. I would really appreciate any help or directions. Thank you! P

I had a re-flare of milder symptoms following a sinus infection a couple of months ago. I never heard it called overlap syndrome. I had symptoms of Guillain Barre, as well as Miller Fisher. At 8 months out, I had almost completely healed. Luckily, this time has not been as bad so that's the good news. My Neurologist recommended Vitamin C to boost my immune system. You may want to check with his doctor about this. So sorry your son has had to experience this, especially at such a young age. Good luck with everything!

Thank you very much! Apparently the “overlap” naming comes from an obvious reason, the overlapping of GBS, MFS, and the Bickerstaff encephalytis. All caused by the antibody GQ1b which is produced by contracting campylobacter. Thanks for your help, hope you’ll be alright.

Hmmmm, I wonder if that applies to my condition? I was diagnosed with GBS 3 1/2 years ago. Was told by the Neurologist at that time that the GBS would "heal itself" within a year. Wrong! after several more test.... well y'all know all about all the test, was told that the GBS that I had was CIDP and that it would never go away and just get worse as the time goes by. After a while I started having problems with my memory, feeling like I was Drunk all the time also.... After several more test, as if life isn't bad enough, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Encephalopathy to go along with the GBS/CIDP. Next was Hypo-Thyroid, and the list keeps getting bigger. My Lung doctor is talking about doing a lobectomy to each of my lungs because of the damage my lungs have sustained. Admitted in the hospital 2 times over the last month with Pneumonia. As I said, it seems to be getting worse.

Pedro, I am so sorry to hear of your 6 year old having to go through this mess, it's tough not only for the patient but for his family also. One thing I will tell you, Keep your Faith, never doubt it. God can and does do miracles. I should have been gone a long time ago but I'm still here. God bless you and your son!

Hi Pedro, my name is Mia and I had Guillain Barre when I was 12 and I have had alot of kidney, bladder and gall bladder(removed) problems that I have fought long to recover from I and am feeling really good and have energy to work and go to college and I'm 44 now. I have my days and nights (most of my battles occur during the night) that are a great struggle and I mean I fight. but I have found a product well two actually that have really helped the first being clay Calcium Bentonite Clay to be exact I bathe in it every couple days and I drink it daily. It has tremendously helped my body to filter toxins and has allowed my bladder and kidneys to begin healing. I drink vegetable/fruit smoothies everyday along w/nothing processed or refined and the struggle i find is eliminating meats and dairy but i have found I FEEL MUCH better when I don't eat meat and dairy and that my friend as an average American is a BATTLE in itself!, but well worth the fight! I order mine online I do the Calcium because I have enough Sodium in my system and theres so much in our food already. Please do some research you will find good results have been attained by cleansing and eating good. That is the best I can do for myself as well as exercising regularly and my dogs make me do that 3X a day lol Good walks have helped me alot! The second is Chinca Piedra or Phyllus Nuiruri a herb from the Amazons not sure that would help your son though since it supports the bladder and kidneys. I hope your son continues to recover and rejuvenate as I believe you must have faith in all your battles too, he is in my prayers. God bless you and he.