Pain on upper right of Stomach

Hey guys. I get this sharp pain on the upper right of the stomach when I sit on the office chair or on my bed for a while. My core balance is still weak and wobbly. Has someone else experienced this and how to manage it? When this pain comes I stretch my stomach forward to relieve it .it’s so uncomfortable. Heeelp

Hi, Susan, I hope your stomach pain is gone now. How are you?

Hi Susan. My daughter still experience some abdominal pain every now & then. She used heat pack & pain killer. Hope your pain will be gone by now Do you experience other pain or weakness?

I've had G B S for 6 weeks now with various symptoms, feet, legs, hands and stomach. I find my stomach gets a "hard" feeling after eating, no real pain just hard. The symptoms have decreased each day so I'm thankful that my bout with this horrible affliction is minimal compared to so many others. Never the less I'm always wondering if a relapse can cause worse smptoms should the re-occur.