My daughter, Jamie, has been experiencing severe pain in fingers and toes. It has been about 8 days since she completed the IMG treatments. Did others find that increasing the Neurontin decreased the pain or frequency?

I don’t know your daughters age but
I increased my neuronton for pain
management in the beginning. I am
An adult and took 1800mg a day
an adult and I increased my intake to 1800 m a day for about 6 mos.
Now, at the one year mark I take
600 a day and still have periods of
finger and toe discomfort vs the pain
in the beginning. Your neurologist can advise you best with this.
Tell your daughter to hang in there,
It does get better! Mary

Don not know how much your daughter is taking of neurontin . You will more than likely need to increase the dosage. I am 3 months from having IVGI and I experience feet and finger pain daily so I have to rest quiet a bit to get relief.

Its been almost three years for me, and I still have pain . I don't know when it goes away, or even IF it goes away. I am supposed to be taking the IVIG infusion treatments again, once every three weeks for six months. I am just waiting for the insurance paperwork to be straightened out. I was never prescribed neuronton so I am not sure if that works. I know that narcotic analgesics work.