Hi all.

I see a lot of discussion about pain.

I have been treated for cidp for about 4 years now with intragram and have slowly lost more mobility and balance wise but am still pretty happy at my ability to move around unassisted and do most things that i want to .

I have had osteo arthritis for about 40 years, both knees replaced heart bypass and sleep aeponea but to be honest i no longer have the excruciating pain i experienced in past years.

The biggest help to me at my worst times was to keep my diet really basic ( no rich sauces ,sugars , herbs, salt, red wine liquers or port,strong excessive coffee etc etc. Minimal intake on the evening meal and not overeat).and that made a real big difference.

Over and above that i am approved for up to 8 panadol osteo per day but for years i just take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. If a little worse i increase and sometimes i get smart and try a couple of days without but when i do that i can really notice the difference after about 2 days.

Guess we are all different.but if you havent tried my system before give it a go ..

Kind regards oziurn


After about twelve months I've swapped from IVIG Octogam to Kiovig in an endeavour to mitigate the accompanying rash after each infusion (we'll see in time how effective this is). To deal with pain I am now on 150mg Lyrica, 15mg Mobic and 3990mg Panadol Osteo daily. This combination has reduced the pain - but they each have unique side effects!