Passing it on

Back pain is my biggest challenge/complaint, so a friend of mine from the Sjogrens site, who has been an ICU nurse for 25 years passed on to me what she uses, sounds like it would be worth a try...

My Dad (had C-M-T) too, he used to say, if you think it works keep it up. "If our mind thinks it is helping, just keep it up and use it"

Words of wisdom to live by!

Thanks Rita!

I was looking at exercise belts for weight lifting yesterday for my daughter. Would something like this help you SK?


What causes this problem?

There are many different causes of SI joint pain. Pregnancy may be a factor in the the development of SI joint problems later in life. Also, if a person has one leg is shorter that the other, the abnormal alignment may end up causing SI joint pain and problems. Often, an exact cause leading to a painful SI joint condition can't be found. The joint simply gets painful, and the patient and provider don't have an answer as to why the joint has become painful.

The SI joint is a synovial joint, similar to all joints such as the knee, hipand shoulder. Because of this, different types of arthritis that affect all the joints of the body will also affect the sacroiliac joint. This includes conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout and psoriasis. The joint can be infected when bacteria that travel in the blood settle in the joint causing a condition called septic arthritis. This is perhaps the most worrisome cause of SI joint pain and may well require surgery to drain the infection.

Injury to the SI joint is thought to be a common cause of pain. Injury can occur during an automobile accident. One common pattern of injury occurs when the driver of a vehicle places one foot on the brake before a collision. The impact through the foot on the brake is transmitted to the pelvis causing a twisting motion to this side of the pelvis. This can injure the SI joint on that side resulting in pain. A similar mechanism occurs with a fall on one buttock. The force again causes a twisting motion to the pelvis and may injure the ligaments around the joint.


PCM, I only wish that it would, but my problem is lower, the above info shows the location, and surely the cause if not a contributing factor (have been rear-ended 3 times)!