PEG Problems?

As the journey continues.....lil progress day by befor yesterday my sis must have been tuckered out from her several days of lil progress each day.....on CPAP for almost 10 hrs straight!!!! :) Her eyes had darkened (Quite a bit) and she seemed a lil sad (her days befor she seemed to have some lighter spirits). Several days ago they removed the feeding tube from her nose and put in a PEG. Went yesterday to visit; she seemed a lil better and we watched her favorite movie TITANIC.....then last night she had vomited twice befor I got there; her tummy is incredibly bloated......they emptied her stomach and gave her something for the nausea. Today they are going to do CAT scan to see what is going on. Does anyone have any comments ?. She is very uncomfortable and wants to be moved around on the bed....more than what the bed is designed to moving her around disturbing the PEG? Should they be adding water to the nutrition.? I must add my great appreciation for this site.....I have told many of the nurses of this site and the support you all have so graciously provided. I have even educated most of them of what I have learned and shared with all of you......they seemed to be pretty much in the dark about GBS. Thank you all so much.....I love you guys!!!!

When I was in the ICU I wanted to be moved ALL the time. My wife managed to convince them to bring in one of these special beds with a mattress that is filled with air pockets, and automatically changes on a regular basis. It's supposed to help with pressure points. It seemed to help, but whatever the reason, I was uncomfortable pretty much all the time.

Have them give her extra water! That bag of mush that's pumped into the tube for food is mostly water, but even so, nobody gave me extra water for weeks and weeks, and (I think) that contributed to me having problems with kidney stones. (Which was a whole other complication.) Anyway, they just unhook the tube, put in a little funnel, and pour water in. I had them put in an extra cup every four hours or so, and it helped me.

I was hospitalized for 49 days. One of my most difficult experiences was trying to get the perfect rest position while using a hospital bed. Like Lance I always wanted to move around in my bed. Eventually with the right pain medication dosage and additional egg shell foam mattress support I was able to rest more comfortably.

Remember to watch out for bed sores