Plantar Fasciitis?

This seems to be a common problem through out the Ben's Friends community. Besides the towel exercises, some find these compressions helpful. Do you?

I had it before I was diagnosed with CMT. It lasted about three months and was worse in the mornings. Stretching is very important, and I would use a stretch band to exercise, tying the end of the band around my foot and holding the other end. Then I would stretch outward with my foot. Also, picking things up with your toes is good. When I recovered, I would try to stretch before my morning walks, which I could do at that time.

People in my family, who do not have CMT, have had plantar's fasciitis, some have had steroid shots, which helped, and my daughter had a boot to wear to bed to keep her foot bent up. Sounds uncomfortable but it worked.

Good luck to anyone who gets this.


l have only recently seen these type of socks. l need to order some to see if they help. l have a tightness in the arch of my foot on the bottom and sometimes the heel hurts. l've asked about it before and been told l do not have planar fasciitis. So l guess it is just part of the CMT progression.

Using a band or towel around my foot to stretch, stresses out my shoulders and arms too much. l've asked about something to wear to bed and was given ankle wraps as a suggestion. Some of these so called Dr's have no clue!


I am going to give those compression socks a try. I have been having pain in the arch of my foot at night. Thanks for the suggestion!