Please Help!

I was diagnosed with GBS in Aug. 2013. I’m afraid I may be having a relapse. My legs from my knees down to my feet have never felt right since I first was diagnosed with GBS. When I would try to explain to my doctor all he would say is that I was over GBS and to forget about it. Today I got real light headed, my legs from my knees to my feet were jumping noticeably, I have also been having some numbness in my arms and slightly having problems swallowing and I was having problems with my speech. I went to see my doctor again today and at first he told me that it had nothing to with GBS. My blood pressure was up and my heart rate was up. He had me lay down quietly for 5 minutes and during this time I pulled my legs up so my knees were up and my feet on the table. I asked the nurse to come over and see if she could see the jumping of my feet and she said yes and went to get the doctor. When he came back in he looked at my legs and feet and they were still jumping around. He then decided that it was nerve issues due to the GBS. He prescribe more meds for me and said that I probably needed another IV/IG so he is placing on order for me to have someone to come to my home to administer it. I am currently on baclofen 10mg 2x3 a day, lyrica 50mg 3x2 a day, propranolol ER 60mg 1 a day,nortriptyline hcl 50 mg 1 at night, omeprazole dr 20mg 1 a day, aspirin ec 81mg 1 a day,clonazepam 1mg 1/2 1 a day,meloxicam 7.5 mg 1 a day,synthroid 7.5mcg 1 a day, lamotrigine 100mg 1x2 a day. I’ve been having problems remembering things and confusion sometimes but Ii just wrote that off to being the side effects of all the drugs. I guess my question is has anyone that has had a relapse what were your signs that you mught be having a relapse? I’ll be honest, it somewhat scares me because of all that is happening to me and I’m not real sure my doctor knows much about GBS and what are some of the after effects of GBS. I’m just asking for some friendships and moral support from others who have gone through this if anyone is interested please let me know. My family and friends can’t really understand. Thanks!!

dear Deborah Yount i too was diagnosed GBS 7 years back..i too used to feel those complication ..even after 2 years of recovering from GBS i felt some complication like tingling of feet it last more than 4 months. on recommendation form my uncle i started doing yoga regularly it keep me free of any type of stress and later on those complication vanished ....i strongly recommend you to practice yoga and some light physical exercises and postures .do it for one month and feel the difference. Atleast for the shake of your life please do it for one may contact me through facebook.

Just to let everyone know, I too have had the after effects of GBS for the last 1 1/2 yrs, the tingling, pain, etc… That is associated with GBS however this is a lot more intense and my memory is shot, I can’t remeber things for longer than ten minutes and I’m having troubles standing and walking again. I am seeing my neurologist on a regular basis right now but I was wanting to know more about if anyone has had a relapse and what they encountered with it. But THANK YOU ALL for responding to me, I truly appreciate it. And for BIKRAM JOSH1 thank you for your idea about yoga but I am currently in physical therepy for the second time.

Have them check for CIDP…I had it after GBS.

so sorry to hear all this keep up your strenghth Bob Martin

Gbs is a syndrome. There are no cures yet for those. . I'm sorry you are going through this again Deborah. I totally agree with bikram. Light yoga, some king of physical therapy works wonders. I had a little bit of a relapse back in 92? Was having problems moving around. Took about a month of going the PT but OK.