Post BBS arthritis, specifically spinal stenosis

Hello everyone
As a long term surviver of GBS, I’m here to tell you that you can resume a near normal life. However there are going to be future challenges in store, and GBS survivors generally develop some forms of arthritis some time after the GBS. That’s where I am now, diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a form of arthritis that constrict the spinal cord. Are there any long term survivers out there who have experienced this?

No I havent experienced that Charles, but have had chronic arthritis in my lower back for many years anyway. It is 8 years since I had GBS, but am a lot luckier that a lot of you, because I can walk. I wish you a speedy recovery from your op

Since gbs 2 1/2 years ago I have now been diagnosed with spinal senosis and before gbs already had been diagnosed with R.A. it is much worse now , post gbs all I can say is you just have to keep on keepin on. Stay well

Hello Kel

Just had reconstructive surgery today on my ACL and meniscus, second scariest moment of my life coming out from under anesthesia and my legs didn’t work. Terrifying. I will be going in for surgery for the spinal stenosis in six weeks. I’ll let you know if it helps

I had gb 22 years ago and have spinal stenosis in my neck. This has caused tingling sensations and stiffness in the back of my head for the past 2 years. I also have residual stiffness in my feet that has worsened, including twitching in my lower legs. I have been told arthritis may be occurring in my feet. No muscle weakness or major pain. Neurologists not much help. Any other long term gb survivors experiencinh this?

yes please i believe anytime we or any of us that has went threw this monster of a syndrome has that numb feeling we freak or get very scared. i had dental work done and it was awful that numbing feeling is so close to the feelings of gbs. hope everything with your reconstructive surgery went well, other then the crazy scary numbness. , well wishes your way stay strong and positive