Hi! I was finally diagnosed with CIDP February 2014. I was put on Prednisone 4 weeks ago and I hate it! I have Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and I still have the weak legs, some days are worse than others of course. So exactly why am I on Prednisone? Since being on it I have developed a severe pain in my right leg, Tramadol and tylenol w/ codeine dont touch the pain! Got to have a MRI of my lower back and xray of my hip. I don't like taking pain pills so I stop taking the ones they gave me because they weren't working anyway! I have been unable to afford IVIG and they told me I had to start some type of treatment (prednisone) because I was decreasing so quickly! Effective April 1 we have a lower deductible and the MRI and xray are going to take that so hopefully I can get IVIG! Is there an end to this disease? I have been trying to get disability to help my husband with the finanaces since last year and was denied twice and I have a lawyer now and just waiting on a hearing! Pray every night that it comes thru soon!! I just feel so lost with this disease but feel so blessed to have support groups like this!

I was on Narcotics for pain, until a pain specialist switched me to Lyrica. It was almost like a miracle, the pain is nearly gone and I sleep all night.

Hi Ding71: I have started on prednisone as well and did my research also on diets. I have read a lot and studies have been done that those who are diabetics that have gone on a vegan diet have virtually had their neuropath cleared out of their bodies. I also read of a few CIDPers that followed a vegan diet and it has helped them. One even into remission. You can find his story on youtube.

Anyways, I have started a vegan diet while on prednisone and so far no side effects from it. I take 60mg daily and weigh 60 kg.

They are weaning me off of Prednisone because it isnt working for me and my doctor said the side effects in the long run weren't worth it. I lost 10 lbs and my appetite did not increase so I was very lucky!