Pregabalin - Lyrica Info please, does it help?

Hello all,

Day 13 for my husband ...awaiting improvements but none as yet. He is very frustrated with his pain management in that it takes him to complain a lot for them to suggest a new medication. We had heard about Pregabalin last week but his neuro Dr said it was too early for he took 100mg's to help with sleep issues. They have no 'pain specialist' on his ward, oh and by the way he is in a private clinic in Switzerland!

So please tell me if you found Pregabalin helpful, does it mix ok with other things, morphine etc. How long did you take it for and waht was the dose, any side effects?

Thank you so much and I wish you all a blissful sleep...drugged or non drugged.

Lyrica helps my husband better than the Gabapentin did, for what it's worth. Didn't get rid of it at all, just takes the edge off.

While I was in hospital, I was on. Percocet. It helped a lot. Good luck.

I take Cymbalta and gabapentin (3600 mg) daily. I have used it almost 5 years, and it is still the best for controlling the burning/tingling in my hands and feet. I also take 60mg morphine twice a day as needed for the chronic pain in my body. I hope they can find the right combination of drugs, so your husband gets some relief.
Cymbalta works like Lyrica except that cymbalta also helps with the depression. I take 2 60mg tablets daily. I can really tell the difference when I am not taking it.
Good luck to you and your husband, and I hope he feels better soon.