Problems with Liver

I was diagnosed with GBS in March 2014. I have been having the fatigue, nerve pain, twitching that others are posting here. I'm still in rehab. I saw my regular treating on Friday for follow up. He did some labs and one came back with high readings for my liver. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound but I'm curious if this could be GBS related.

Anyone else have this issue?

I get regular tests to watch for liver problems due to other medication I take, but have had no problem. It has been 2 years since I came down with GBS.

Good luck!

Hi there, I have CIDP and also was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis a few years later. It also could be as mentioned above fatty liver or even issues caused by medication. Mine has been under control since diagnosis. Hope that helps.

Hi Tiffany, I got GBS June but had liver involvement showing in a blood test done a few weeks earlier plus connective tissue damage (meniscus tear March 15 & heart palpitations later diagnosed as Rheumatic fever the make long story short), Hashimotos thyroid autoimmune I found out after I FINALLY found the right Dr in Provo, UT who knew the right kinds of blood tests to order. I had to travel far and spend $1500 but it was so worth it. The IVIG treatments took away my heart palpitations too (PVCs, bradycardia & tachycardia too), restored my balance, but didn’t take away the super tight squeezing band around my ribs or the feeling under the ribs and in the solar plexis. Ironically i just yesterday wrote to the Provo Dr to see if he could answer the questions i had about why my liver is involved… No Dr has ever told me anything about GBS, Rheumatic Fever, Hashimotos, or the liver… In my heart I think that’s also autoimmune hepatitis withan autoimmune anemia and all the other things that I listed because they are ALL autoimmune too. Dr Wright in Provo agreed that they run in bunches.
I will let u know what I found out… U too, please!!!

I'm currently having problems with my liver too and they can't seem to find out why. I've had 2 ultrasounds in the past month and they can't find anything more than some fat on there but my bloodwork is coming out elevated in the enzymes. Stay in touch! I'm wondering if this isn't GBS related myself. Hope everything works out for you :)

I have not had liver problems. I had GB in 1988. Nebretta