PT in Los Angeles area

My good friend has GBS and she's trying to stay in Rehab center. But if she has to go home what should we expect? and how do I find someone GOOD to come in and do PT with her. She's been using the Litegate at the rehab and it's been amazing but she won't have anything like that at home. Any suggestions? Also looking for a second opinion.

Thank you.

It's so important to find a PT with experience in treating GBS patients. PT has been more helpful to me than most doctors & medication. I would check with the neurologist or the PT office to find out if they know if there is a PT with this type of experience in the group they recommend. My PT has worked with other GBS patients before me so she knows effective exercises and treatments. She said that she is the go to PT when they have a GBS patient. Good luck!

You are asking a series of questions so will add my 2 cents too:

a) A lot will depend on the type of Health ins coverage your friend has, as to the PT vendors in her community that the Insurer is contracted with.

b) After discharge home, will your friend be able to get herself to a PT Center for outpatient services? If she can't drive or has no one to do so, what community services are available in case there's a problem finding a PT to go out to the person's current residence. Will the person be returning to his/her home at discharge or going to stay with someone elsewhere?

c) 2nd Opinion for what? Prognosis? Type of Home PT/Rehab services actually needed short term or long term?