Ready to leave Hospital

Hi Guys

After a two week stay in Tallaght Hospital, Dublin, Ireland I am ready to leave. I am still awaiting some tests results but I feel physically ready to leave and continue my recovery at home. On the other hand I am mentally unsure of what to expect.

I was admitted two weeks ago to hospital after a visit to my GP. In the second day of my stay I was diagnosis with GBS and this was down to the pro-active healthcare provided by the staff here at the hospital. I was given a lumbar puncture the next morning followed by treatment of Kiovig - IVIG for five days. The IVIG has worked wonders in my health returning. I have feeling in my hands and feet that I didn't have before my diagnosis.

I suffered with terrible headaches post lumbar-puncture for nine days. These headaches have settled now and only a rash on my hands and lower back are the only signs of any wear and tear. I will be meeting with the neurologist tomorrow morning and hope to get the all clear from some liver tests and bloods. I will be asking to leave as I am fit to walk and want to continue my recovery with family and friends.

My only real question is how does one face the recovery once discharged? I am fearful of symptoms appearing once I leave. I will ask the doctors tomorrow but I was hoping that someone here would have felt the same way leaving hospital and maybe ease my fears. Thanking you in advance.



I'm glad that you are doing better! I had that lumbar puncture headache too. I had to be hospitalized for a few days. It was the worst headache that I have ever had in my life. I couldn't turn my eyes without extreme pain and feeling like my head was going to explode.

Physical therapy really helped my back and got rid of the pain eventually. My physical therapist had worked with another Guillain Barre patient. It consisted mostly of stretching the dura in my spine and doing easy core training. I'm doing it again for a re-flare of symptoms that I am experiencing after a sinus infection. It is really helping me. Hopefully, I'll be able to start running again. I had recovered to the point where I did a couple of 5ks over the holidays and was lifting weights again.

Keep a positive attitude. It really helps. And just remember that you may have good days and dips on other days but it will keep getting better. One thing that I have learned is that you can't rush this recovery. It takes time. Good luck in your recovery. It sounds like you are on your way!

Do you live alone? The biggest thing that surprised me when I began my recovery at home was that there were simple things I couldn't do by myself. Like take out the garbage. Running errands was also really fatiguing as well, and could be a little overwhelming to try and do by myself.

Are you going to do outpatient physical therapy? I had to wait a couple weeks before my PT could start because of an insurance issue, but it has made a HUGE difference. And yes, remember there are good days and bad days, and try to stay positive and patient. It is a long process, I am still in the beginning of it myself.