Received a Occipital Nerve Block on Right and Left on June 14

Feeling a bit more relief from the occipital neuralgia headaches though the injection sites are still a bit tender. It should take about 3-4 day for the shots to really kick in. Fingers crossed the pain relief continues to last longer each time I get them done. :)

I was feeling pretty good yesterday but that is probably from the anesthetic that was in the actual injections rather than the steroids actually going to work.

It has just been frustrating only being able to put in about 1 hour of work each day during this pretty bad week. I know I probably should have gotten the blocks done last month even though the pain was not bad since I knew May was going to be a busy month. Just figured a bit of bed rest would keep the headache from amping up like it did.

They gave me hydrocodone to help with pain relief but I never really seem to feel any kind of relief with that. Anyone else ever have that come about? When I had been in the rehab they used to give me percocet and that was really only useful for knocking me out rather than actually stopping the headache pain.

A lot of time the doctors fall back to asking if it is like a migraine but I don't think I have ever had a migraine. The pain I get with this 'headache' just never stops. It may go from a steady 3 or 4 all the time and then if I go out and do too much it jumps to a 7 or 8 and then after a few days of rest I can get it back to the 3 or 4. The Cymbalta I take for it seems to knock it back to a 1 or 2, but the headache never really stops.

Guess this is just more of a posting for myself to have something to document where I am now. During all the GBS recovery it seems so easy to forget to keep in mind how far I have come. 3 years ago it was a challenge to stand for only 15 seconds. I should consider myself very lucky to now only be complaining about a headache. :3