Recently discharged from hospital{s}, new to the group. Trying to settle back at home

In January, I had really bad bronchitis. I was weak and numb in my extremities but thought it was due to "resting" I was still able to get done what I needed to do in life. April 1st I noticed increased weakness, but again not alarming. On the 4th, the day started out the same...then instantly, by 2 pm I was paralyzed and fell to the ground not able to get up. Got transferred to a hospital that had a team of Neurologists for 9 days of every test possible (2 of everything- MRIs, CT Scans, Spinal Punctures, tons of Bloodwork). I had IVIG treatment, Then got transferred for inpatient physical therapy. Since have had 2 nerve conduction studies. No improvement with sensory but in my legs at least I am able to "get by" with a walker and wheelchair. This has been difficult in many ways, but I try to remain positive that I will see some improvement. I am curious to hear of who has tried other treatment?

If it’s available try to continue to get therapy. I had 5 weeks of in hospital therapy, 10 weeks of in home therapy, and I’m just now starting outpatient therapy. When I started therapy in the hospital I could barely sit up by myself. When I left the hospital I could stand (with help) for about a minute. I’m now using a walker exclusively and can even take a few steps without it. Things will get better, it just takes time and work.

The fact is that gbs destroys nerve tissue, you have to relearn how to fire your muscles with dormant and damaged neuro pathways, this takes time and intense effort, with me, at six months I could run again, at 9 months I was relearning how to snow ski again, I contracted mine in 1995, and to this day I have to have night lights throughout the house because without a visual reference plane I lose my balance and fall.

The harder you work at learning how to move again, the more complete your recovery will be

One question, was yours related to receiving a vaccination?

Keep pushin’ on!

It sounds like you are coming back. Physical therapy is so important. Continue doing your exercises. Keep moving your feet and your legs even in bed. Mornings are hard for me as I am stiff. I push myself to keep on trucking. Hang in there. You are farther along physically than me. I was older when I got gbs. Close to retirement age.