Recovering from GBS uncle was diagnosed with GBS a few days ago...We live in India, while he has been admitted in Vietnam ( he works there ). We are unsure of what's happening, so I wanted to discuss this with others in similar situations.

His speech is distorted and his legs are paralysed. Is this expected? The doctor said that the 4th and 5th days are crucial..If he shows signs of recovery, he could potentially fully recover within 2 months.

Hi SVJ01:

Has your uncle had IVIG treatments? How old is he? Does he have a neurologist and is that Dr. comfortable in treating him? If not, I would request that he get treatment with a specialist in GB.

I don't know anything about the 4th and 5th days being crucial. Yes, he could fully recover but I don't know of any way to predict when.He may also partially recover. Every case seems unique in how it is manifested. Continue to learn more about this and please let us know how he's doing.

Yes, my legs and arms were paralyzed also. I came out of it in time - about 40 days. My speech was not distorted. Most people I have met with GBS have recovered fully. Nebretta

All of these can be normal with GBS. I heard the same with the beginning days being the most critical. My daughter was sent home from the hospital on the 7th day because they did not expecthher to deteriorate from that day forward. Good luck. Keep positive and calm!


I’ve heard from one of my friend who is also a nuerologist that IVIG treatment works better if given on the first ten days. If not mistaken IVIG stop the damage and help hasten the recovery. But each case is unique on its own.

This is a question for Nebretta:

Hi Nebretta, Very glad to hear you had a full recovery. I have a question, if you don't mind answering it. I had a mixture of GBS and the variant of it called Miller Fisher. Although I have all my mobility back, even a year and a half later I have fatigue issues. Did you fully recover in terms of fatigue? If this question is too personal, don't feel obliged to answer it Thanks. All the best…

Roddy - it is absolutely fine to ask me about the fatigue. In the big picture, I would say no, I do not have fatigue issues. However, I am now 69 years old, and sometimes I get very tired. I am so tired I can hardly walk into my bedroom. I kind of attribute that to getting older. I am not familiar with what you say about "Miller Fisher". I am going to look that up. Nebretta

I just looked up about Miller Fisher. Well, I never heard those words, but from the reading, I may have had that strain. The reason I say that is because it said it is caused by infection. Well, I did have tooth work done - and I also had a cold. Both of those are often mentioned when coming down with GBS. I had 10 plasmaphoris treatments. They put a "pick line" in my heart, I believe, and they just hooked me up. It does say you recover completely from Miller Fisher, I believe. I would say I did cover completely.

Hee everyone, thus is Wendy. I’d like to say to nebretta, blessings on your recovery. And to Toddy, I had gbs in 2007, diagnosed with the Miller Fisher Variant. I also list full speech, paralyzed, unable to walk for the next three years. The past few years, I’ve worked hard to get speech and walking return. I do have extreme easy fatigue. Which makes me happy to have wonderful caregivers.