Recovery at 2 years

I made it to my 2 year mark and just returned from the same beach where it hit me initially. I was much stronger -no falling on the beach or shaking from the heat. I rode waves on a body board with my son, ran outside some with my dogs, and worked out at the gym with my daughter. I still have deficits that I am working to improve and understand. And I’m still looking for a good neurologist to followup with.

How is recovery beyond this? Does anyone still experience improvements after 2 years?

Hi there

I was diagnosed by CIDP about two years ago, I suffered several problems that all you guys know and there is no need to explain those painful experiences, I used to inject 1 gram of prednisone each month and I used Imuran twice daily. I have also inject IVIG in five days about a year ago. but now after all I feel my condition is somehow stable. It’s about five month that my doctor has stopped my monthly prednisone he said we will inject it whenever it is needed but now I use my Imuran 3 times a day. I live my life I can run and everything seem somehow normal for me…besides I love and trust my neurologist.