Recovery for Jim!

Lin, good to hear from you. He is now in a LTAC facility. He hasn’t made much progress but we realize it is baby steps. He has had some pain in his legs and that is good. They are having some success in weaning him off of the vent although he is not totally off yet. Sometimes he 's heart rate drops to thirty, but his heart seems to be really strong which is in his favor! He can smile, nod and acknowledge that folks were with him at his birthday party! Please keep your prayers coming!

Sounds like progress! That's great! Continued prayers and best wishes!

Hi and Bless you. I remember being taken off of the vent and really being scared. I had a hard time breathing and the Dr. said if I wanted to breath on my own, I would have to do the work. I relaxed and did some very slow and calm breathing. After about 4 months in the hospital they removed the tube. Did not feel it being removed. When I finally started physical therapy, inn the hospital, first time I was stood up on my feet, held up by a machine, the pain was so great I screemed to put me down. That was when I had to decide do I walk and go through the pain or live in a wheel chair? I asked the therapists to stand me up for a minute, I prayed and watched the clock. Within 2 weeks I was up to 15 minutes. About 2 months later I came home in a wheel chair. It has been 5 years since this journey began. I walk with leg braces, type with 2 fingers and my neurologist calls me his miracle patient. I was not supposed to live, yet alone walk. I am grateful for everyday. I live in my log cabin with my 2 dogs and have a caretaker at my home about 20 hours a week. Stay strong, trust in yourself and remember, my stubbornness got me through all of this God Bless Patricia Carey

Thanks so much Molly! Prayers for your continued improvements. We are remaining hopeful for his recovery to continue!

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I realized that should be mentioned. I was 63, climbing ladders, repairing my own home and chasing dogs. I am now 68. I am needing to exercise regularly, grateful I can

Update: Jim has made progress this week. He is coming off of the vent which is so exciting. He has moved both arms a bit and one leg and starting to have sensations overall. We are excited! He is smiling and even mimiced blowing a kiss to me while I was on the phone with his wife, my sister? He had a very serious case could not breathe on his own nor move any of his limbs. This is week 12 for him and 2 rounds of IVIG and pharesis! We are Just elated and hope for a full recovery. Take heart those of you who are caretakers. Your work is well worth it to your loved one. There is an end in site! God be with you!

Hi Amuse, So glad to hear about the progress with your brother. I recall well when they first pulled out the breathing tube, and I began to be able to move my limbs a little bit. It let me know that I was going to live after all! Progress from here will be slow, so keep up the support, I know he appreciates it. Someone will probably want to start physical therapy when he can move his arms. It may seem like it's too soon, but it's not. The first time they sit him up in bed will be agony, but it needs to happen. A lot of pain from here, but it's part of the process, so take courage!

Good luck and best wishes!

Thanks so much Lance he sat up for the first time this morning! Good to know what we will be expecting!