Related to Miller Fisher?

Four years ago almost to the day, I had what was believed to be a mild case of the Miller Fisher Variant in June 2014. I had a recurrence of symptoms 7 months later following a sinus infection. Following that I have done pretty well. I did notice some deficits in areas hit hardest and could never really overdo things after. About a week ago, I went to the doctor for my eye and found it was suffering with Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD). It started with one eye but I had pain with it. Within less than a week, I had pain with the other eye, went back to the doctor and found out the same thing was happening with that eye. The doctor said I had inflammation but did not understand and gave me steroid eye drops. I went back again today because the pain in my eye sockets is worse and I have that weird feeling of swelling inside my face near my eyes. He doesn’t see anything or any swelling and this condition doesn’t usually affect patients like this. I had this weird swelling sensation before with Miller Fisher. Can something like this be related to an immune system issue or Miller Fisher? I made an appointment with my Neurologist and am getting a second opinion with another eye dr.

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AMAN in 2010. A couple of years later, CIDP. I, presently, have vitreous detachment. I’ve had it before since GBS but not as bad as this time, and it didn’t heal as fast, which prompted my visit to an optometrist. I’m told this can happen to anyone, and that it will heal. Indeed, it has slowly been recovering. It’s been a month already though. I’ve been cautioned to watch out for retinal detachment, as this requires urgent surgery to prevent vision loss. Apparently, those with vitreous detachment are more susceptible to retinal detachment. I pray this doesn’t happen.