Restless leg syndrome anyone?

This only bothers me at night, but with Lyrica and magnesium, this bothers me less and less. Anyone else have any answers to this?

My son has this, however, I never thought that it could be connected to CMT until now. So thanks for your post. We haven't done anything, so sorry, I can't give you any help here. I hope others can!

I also take mag to stave of calf and foot cramps. I can tell a big difference when I get out of my routine.

As a side note, I also recommend that you may be able to get custom made inserts at the Good Feet Store and that is where I found the New Balance shoes with the rollbar which has given me greater stability than I have experienced in the last 15 years.

I wear the new balance 928, with roll bar, I have several pair, they keep me on my feet!

BTW, some of the gals from the Fibromyalgia and Sjogren's sites have recommended sleeping with a bar of soap near your feet for RLS. I tried this and let me tell you that without magnesium this does nothing for me. Magnesium is the ticket for RLS and muscle spasms! Best taken with Calcium and D3.

Of course always check with your Dr before adding supplements to meds!