Risk of recurrence?

When I had GBS back in 1996, I was told I could never get it again. Obviously, that was misinformation. I had a doctor give me the flu shot within weeks of leaving the hospital, and fortunately did not have any issues. I also had a doctor give me a tetanus shot a few years back and had a severe allergic reaction, but I don't know if it was related to GBS or not. Anyway, I've had to become my own advocate, sometimes educating new doctors, urgent care doctors, etc, myself. My question is this - I currently have a pretty severe case of the flu, and I can't find any information on-line about whether this puts me at high risk for recurrence? Do I need to be extra vigilant for signs over the next few weeks? I see my doctor today (it's the first day I've felt like leaving the house) and it would be nice to have some information for him. It's kind of disconcerting when a doctor hauls out his laptop and starts researching your condition because he doesn't have much info on it! Any advice/info is appreciated!