I have posted the question about the new drug rituxan and I don't know if I'm doing this stuff right cause I'm not getting any responses any way my question is has any one got ivig and rituxan? Does any one know about this drug for cidp I have researched the drug and it compromises your immune system while the ivig kinda supports your immune system can I please get some feed back?

Hi, I replied just now to your first Rituxan post. Of note, I have found that some of my posts do not get replies; it just depends on the topic.....

Rituxan is not a new drug; it may be new to your treatment plan. Rituxan is an immune suppressant, meaning it decreases antigens or interferes with an organic chemical cascade that consequently disrupts the natural flow of immune chemistry... and I believe it does this by disrupting DNA replication of a certain gene that creates immune mediating proteins.

I take Imuran, also an immune suppressant. Have taken it for months and I am finally experiencing beneficial response.

Iv IG places new antigens (IgG) (well perhaps, as no one is sure how IgG for CIDP really works) to replace your defective IgG. I get high doses every two week (120 grams) and the beneficial effects wear down slowly and gradually with in 10 days.

At a deeper level our T-cells are not turning off and they continually initiate myelin attacks by macrophages. At the genetic level the CD4+ gene is defective, wherefore a whole cascade of proteins caused by this defect fail.

CIDP is a complex disease and the more you dig into writings about it the better your can help your neuro. READ! There are hundreds of neurological disease that a neuro has to evaluate in a patient; one mistake by your neuro and you're toast. He has to take it slowly and carefully and you have to know what to tell him (or her) !