Riuximab - Tired

I had my first infusion of Rituximab last week and have been really tired. Has anyone else experienced fatigue with Rituximab infusions? Is this normal?

I spoke to the chemotherapy nurses at the hospital where I work and they said it usually doesn't make people tired. They wondered if it was the CIDP.

Any input is appreciated.

I find that just the cidp makes me feel fatigued and I have to rest several times during the day I take solumedrol iv once a month at home it does help keep some of symptoms at bay

The Cidp alone can wipe you out…that’s from my

I take solumedrol every two weeks and it (or something) has got rid of about two thirds of my symptoms in about 5 months. Sure makes a difference, as I have regained about 80 percent of my "social abilities: can do chores, even medium snow shoveling, pay good attention to my wife and dogs, hike and bike to a moderate level etc. But I sure am tired, take a number of naps each day after sleeping well most hights. Whether tiredness is from remaining CIDP or solumedorol I don't know. We are snow birding it for a while --well see if that works.

I agree that CIDP itself results in fatigue but you might want to watch for urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms, as I had to go off it because I got two infections within 8 weeks. I have not had a UTI since. I went back on my weekly dose of IVIg. Since I also have Lupus, I thought the Rituxin might take care of both. No such luck for me!

My partner gets exhausted from the infusion of Rituxan.

I had no adverse reactions to Rituxin whatsoever. Easier infusions than the Ivig. A definite improvement but it is very hard to gauge due to the remitting and relapsing nature of the disease.

I find Rutuximab....Dothep.......Lyrica.......ICIP......Norspan Patch.......all make you tired and I'm on the lot

Good luck for the future