Root Resorption and CIDP are they related?

Hi. I was diagnosed with CIDP about 3 years ago. I have recently been diagnosed with Root Resorption on two teeth. Basically your body is attacking the inside of your tooth and resorption it. I am told that they do not know what causes this and that it is rare. It is thought that, most commonly, continuing trauma by some sort of mechanical, bacterial, or chemical event causes the various forms of root resorption to continue developing. I was wondering if anyone with CIDP has been having problems with root/tooth resorption? It sounds to me a lot like autoimmune where the body attacks itself. I can't think of any trauma to my teeth that would have caused this so am just wondering if it is tied to my CIDP. I am frightened that if I have root reabsorption in two teeth already that it might continue on and affect the rest of my teeth. Treatment is expensive. You have to have a root canal and they clean out the tooth/root inside. Pack it with some medicine that stops your cell attack, then a month later they reopen the tooth, clean it out again and fill it with dental cement. Then you have to have a crown on that tooth. $2 - $3000 when done per tooth. Ugh!!!

I do not know the answer to your question. However I can tell you, when my partner's CIDP finished attacking the whole body and paralyzing her, it moving to her optic nerves and thyroid. So I would think it could be possible.

I've had CIDP for 8 years. Last year I was told my upper front tooth had root resorption. No known reason why. I was told I would need an implant if it got bad-there would not be root left to do a root canal and crown the tooth More like $12,000 for this! Also in the last three years I've had three abcesses which required root canals and one crown. Other dental problems in the past few years which is highly unusual for me.. I convinced it is connected to auto immune. Bacteria from the mouth can be found in the hip joint. It's all the same body.

Yes, but getting this proven is a problem. My neurologist is Text Book and only goes by symptoms that are documented to be associated with CIDP. I am going to bring this new symptom of root resorption up with him at my next appointment but I bet he will say he has never seen it associated with CIDP. That is why I posted to see if it is common with CIPD or not. My dentist said that the nerve in the tooth root does not have a myelin covering so if the body only attacks myelin then it would not be associated. I still have my suspicions. I am meticulous with my tooth care. I have great teeth and gums. This was horrible to discover I can't do anything about the root resorption - that my body is attacking my root. I already have it in two teeth. Having a CT scan to see if any more teeth are affected. I had the root canal in the first tooth and was able to save the tooth but very expensive - I only have $1000 dental a year and is way over for just one tooth. Can't get health coverage to cover any of the expense because it is dental related. This just sucks!!!

Went to the dentist today…a new one…who x-rayed and agreed that CIDP effects gums,teeth,bone density and that Implants would not be sustained because of the loss of bone in the jaw…another aspect of CIDP…it would just be a waste of money. I am devastated, as not what I wanted to hear…but did fear that is what I would be told. Just another thing to deal with, caused by this bloody disease that nobody knows anything about. And I MEAN nobody !

I haven’t got the dx but pretty sure it sounds like i do and prob need to get to dentist, my last check up they didn’t know i had cidp and said even if they had to work on my teeth it would be impossible because I can’t even open wide enough to insert the block.

I did not know that CIDP can cause problems with bone density. I have never been told that by my neurologist. I just thought we were being attacked only in our nerves (mostly myelin).

Only regarding teeth/dental to the best of my knowledge. Which makes implants not viable…and a waste of money if attempted. Sorry if I was not clear in my message.

Is this a rare complication of CIDP or common? This scares me for my future with CIDP. I have been very lucky to have very little symptoms related to CIDP. My dentist said that the root resportion is most likely due to trauma of the tooth previously. He said that since there is no Myelin on the nerves in the tooth that it is most likely not associated with CIDP. I was hoping he was correct. I would hate to lose my teeth and not be able to have implants. Very scary.