I went to ot and pt today and my strength went way down:( my hands are becoming numb again. today the ot asked when I go back to the dr because of my strength decreasing so much! I haven't been to ot and pt for two weeks because I was sick! I had got gullian barre full blown august of last year and im only 23 years old I was placed on a ventilator because I died 3 times and had a stomach tube and then a trach I was in the hospital for 6 months! I don't wanna get this horrible disease back! I need advice

It sounds like it may be morphing into CIDP, which is the chronic form of GBS. I recommend getting back to your doctor as soon as possible, because if that's the case, a course of IVIG would be helpful to start as soon as possible. Sorry to hear about the worsening condition, and wish you the best!