I just got out of the nursing home with gbs in January and they don't know what caused my gbs but I had a c section with my son and I see a lot of moms get it!! well I just found out I am pregnant again and I am so afraid of getting it back I was on life support and had a trach and stomach tube can someone please give me some advice<3

GBS is caused by your immune system's reaction to a virus (could be any virus). So be careful during this time to avoid picking up a virus -- wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer often, clean work surfaces well, try to avoid touching your face, avoid vaccinations. (I'm not normally an "anti-vax'er," but for someone with a history of GBS, even the vaccine companies recommend against it.)

Good luck!

Did you have a flu shot within 4 weeks of being diagnosed with GBS? If so you need to check out the national Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, VICP. My GBS was caused by the flu vaccine, a 1 in 1,000,000 chance. I have a claim being filed with the VICP. Attorneys will file your case. They are directly compensated by the Federal Govt. Google the VICP and find an attorney.