Severe Leg cramps

I have suffered from leg cramps while on IVIG. One episode was so bad my wife took me to the ER. The cramps were causing my leg to contract as if in a seizure. The Physician treated me with Valium (muscle relaxer) and hydrocodone (pain). The relief was almost immediate.

Since I have learned of an "over the counter" remedy made by Hylands called Leg Cramps PM. My Pharmacist recommends taking these tablets before going to bed.

I hope this helps.

Did those work? The Hylands leg cramp tablets? I also get bad cramps in one leg at night and when I first wake up.

My Doctor proscribed Diazepam (Valium) as needed for the severe muscle cramping I was experiencing. He also suggested a daily dose of Magnesium to manage the less severe cramping.