Severe Pain on side of big toe

Anyone else experience severe pain on the side of their big toes? For some reason I've noticed it coming and going in the colder winter months but just had my first onset of the fall this weekend. Luckily it doesn't hit both toes at once but I've experienced it in both toes.

I receive IVIG every two weeks and currently take 1500mg of Gabapentin each day.

Billiam, my first thought is that you might have chilblains, which can be painful. Or perhaps Raynaud's. Have you spoken to your doctor about this symptom?

Result is sensory pain. Nerves to the toes are the longest in the body.

For reference I consult EXERCISE Rx by Gary Yanker, a hardback book, but similar information may also be on line. There are exercises dealing with balance that may help this.

You might look into diabetic neuopathy also.

Thanks, estaban, very helpful.

Any redness, warmth or swelling with this pain? Gout likes to effect big toes and can occur on the sides of them. An uric acid level would help determine that.