Share your glimmer of light!

Trying to forget 2020? Oh yes, same here. But DON’T forget that there were some good things that happened to us this year too! Let’s put our heads together and come up with a list of small but good things to make us smile as 2020 passes – thank goodness – into history.

What was your small but good thing this year? Do tell! It will do everyone good to see some points of light!

Sharon from Modsupport learned to make masks. (Who would have thought that would ever be a good thing?). Seenie got into sourdough bread baking, and she’s got the waistline to prove it. TJ made his sister very happy by doing some home improvements for her.

Share your little glimmer on a reply below.

From all of us, warm wishes to you and yours in the coming year and always.

While this year has been pretty horrible, my bright light was in June when I married my now husband in our garden in the asparagus patch on a beautiful day. My friend and councilperson came over with her husband. She married us and he was our witness/photographer. It was simple and beautiful. Since I am 52 and never married, my dad said (when I told him afterwards), “What took you so long?” My husband is my best friend and my caretaker. I am so lucky to have someone like him that is understanding, patient and keeps my refrigerator filled with ziplock baggies of fresh vegetables. My hands can’t use a vegetable peeler anymore! My bright and shining light in the middle of 2020.